5 Impressive Facts About Allergic Rhinitis

  1. 40 – 50 Million in USA have allergic rhinitis
  2. 10-30%  of adults have allergic rhinitis (49% under age 35)
  3. Almost 40% of children miss some school each year due to allergies
  4. Allergic rhinitis accounts for 12 Million doctor-visits per year
  5. 55% of those with sinusitis have a history of allergic rhinitis
  6. 95% of those with asthma have rhinitis

I am not a big fan of antihistamines for children.  I prescribe topical nasal steroids reluctantly, but I do use them.  The BEST treatment to achieve long-lasting immune modulation* is immunotherapy for allergies.  Traditionally, this involves injections.  ”Allergy shots” are not usually popular with children.  I will be reviewing sub-lingual immunotherapy (drops under the tongue) as a possible alternative in an upcoming post.  See you here.

If your little monkey has allergic rhinitis, you might want to take a look at prior post on Controlling Allergic Rhinitis.

* The goal of “immune modulation” is to stop your immune system from recognizing the allergen – the thing that causes your immune response – and causing the allergic response.  The goal is to get your immune system to tolerate the allergens.

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